Top Ten: Father’s Day Cards

Father’s Day is fast-approaching, so I thought I’d use Top Ten Tuesday to share a few of my favorite Father’s Day cards. No surprise that they’re all animal-themed :)

10.) Owls! Sweet little owls to say I love you from Dee & Lala.

9.) More Owls! This time from Dear Hancock.

8.) Lions! Tell your dad he’s the king with Anemone Letterpress.

7.) Hippos! From Smock.

7.) Bears! For the outdoorsy dad, a Father’s Day bear from Red Cap Cards.

6.) Fishies! Also from Red Cap Cards, sweet little fish.

4.) Elephants! Tell your dad thanks for the support with the help of Smock.

3.) Foxes! From Mr. Boddington’s Studio — because every pops should be told they’re wise on Father’s Day!

2.) Dragons! From Egg Press… Say “Happy Father’s Day, Dad! From your child, the fire-breathing dragon”.

1.) Otters! And fish! Happy FOTTER’S Day, from Night Owl Paper Goods.

Hope you like these Father’s Day cards as much as I do!


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