Top Ten – DIY Terra Cotta Planter Updates

Terra cotta planters are great, but there’s only so much terra cotta I can take. So today’s Top Ten provides some awesome DIY ideas for updating these planters :)

10.) Solid Painted Terra Cotta Planters. The bright colors used below are so summery! And the extra details added to the planters on the left are so sweet.

{Sources: Plaid, Modern Keepsake}

9.) Colorblock Painted Terra Cotta Planters. Again, SUCH an easy update, and the results are awesome. Not sure if I like the neon or pastel shades better :)

{Sources: The Proper Pinwheel, A Beautiful Mess}

8.) Design Painted Terra Cotta Planters. I love the ikat pots on the left! And the metallic chevron pots (bottom right) are just as awesome!

{Sources, clockwise from left: Bohemian Kate, Marry This, Chicago Home + Garden}

Of course, if you’re design-challenged, you could always just add texture (and interest!) by using glitter or puff paint :)

{Sources: OC Cottage, The Perfect Pear}

7.) Antiqued Terra Cotta Planters. These are some of Liz’s favorites (because of her love for all things shabby chic). Find out how to get the perfect antiqued, shabby chic look in the top left photo below from At the Picket Fence and Camp Wander!

{Sources, clockwise from top left: Vignette Design, At the Picket Fence, Camp Wander}

6.) Chalkboard Labeled Terra Cotta Planters. Most of the examples below label the planted herbs, but these chalkboard painted pots could be used for anything!

{Sources, clockwise from top left: The Robin’s Nest, Better Homes and Gardens, Halcyon Homestead, Tea for Joy, Practically Functional}

5.) Paper-Covered Terra Cotta Planters. Alright, now to the REALLY good stuff (because whenever Mod Podge is involved it HAS to be good, right?!). I just love these paper-covered pots. The planter on the left has Mod Podged paper all over, while the planter on the left has Tissue Tape along the rim (for a similar look without the Mod Podge mess!). Could you imagine these planters using maps? So cute.

{Sources: The Bride’s Cafe, Something Turquoise}

4.) Woodsy (?) Terra Cotta Planters. Not sure what else to call these… Tree-covered terra cotta planters? No matter what we call them, they are awesome (and a great way to avoid throwing out your yardwork scraps)!

{Sources: Urban Comfort, Natural Home & Garden}

3.) Rope-Wrapped Terra Cotta Planters. I agree with Stamp 48, that a little rope can take a terra cotta planter from boring to the life of the party :)

{Sources, clockwise from left: Third Floor Design Studio, Infarrantly Creative, Stamp 48}

2.) (Non-Chalkboard) Labeled Terra Cotta Planters. I’ll admit that when I was looking for ideas for this post, there were a lot of chalkboard labeling ideas. I mean A LOT. So I was pretty excited to find these terra cotta planter labeling ideas that DIDN’T involve chalkboard paint… I love the simple paper labels for spoons, forks and knives (you may recognize this picture from one of my earlier posts about barbecue utensil holders). And I can’t believe the label on the bottom photo is made from a used pop can!

{Sources, clockwise from top left: Real Simple, Smile Monsters via Knock Off Decor, Grey Luster Girl}

1.) Fabric-Covered Terra Cotta Planters. Without a doubt, my favorite terra cotta planter updates have to be these fabric-covered pots! It doesn’t matter whether they’re covered in lace, Christmas sweaters, or just plain fabric, I love these updates!

{Sources, clockwise from top left: A Beautiful Mess, Under the Sycamore, You are my Fave}

Hope you enjoy all of these great ideas!


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