Top Ten: DIY Gold-Dipped Projects

I thought I’d put together top ten lists every so often, starting with one of my favorite trends — gold-dipping! Why hasn’t anyone tried gold-dipping dog bowls, leashes, and collars?! Now THOSE are some DIY projects I could REALLY get excited about.

10.) Gold-dipped necklaces. So sweet and simple — this necklace tutorial is provided by Little Birdie Secrets. Liz mentioned it would be cute to paint the wooden beads a light pink before gold-dipping (my mom is soo girlie, but I think she might actually be right here).

9.) Gold-dipped votives. Again, such a sweet but easy project, provided by The Lovely Cupboard.

8.) Gold-dipped serving utensils. I love the dark wood of the utensils with the gold — a great DIY project by Lovely Indeed.

7.) Gold-dipped earrings. Stelabird made the earrings below from scratch using polymer clay and a bit of paint.

6.) Gold-dipped picture frames. Okay, so these aren’t technically “gold-dipped”, but they’re so awesome I had to include them on the list! A Thoughtful Place made the frames below by wrapping spray painted painters tape around frames.

5.) Gold-dipped bangles. Ack, I wish these bangles came in my little paw size! Found this DIY gem from Say Yes to Hoboken.

4.) Gold-dipped clutch. I Spy DIY did GOOD with the metallic paint, ya heard?!

3.) Gold-dipped bowls. Sweet gold-rimmed bowls by Meaghan Gibbons at For a Song.

2.) Gold-dipped bowls part two. Numbers 2 and 3 were a close tie in my books… This faux-porcelain bowl from Curbly nudged out number 3 because it’s made completely from scratch using air-dry clay. Such a fun project!

1.) Gold-dipped notebooks. And the winner is Eat Sleep Cuddle’s sweetest little gold-dipped notebooks. If I had good paw-writing I’d have Liz make twenty of these for me!

Hope you enjoyed my top ten!


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