Top Ten – DIY Fourth of July Wreaths

How is the Fourth of July only a couple of weeks away already?! In preparation for one of my favorite holidays (my birthday’s only a week and a half after Independence Day!), today’s post will give you some great ideas for DIY Fourth of July wreaths.

10.) Burlap and Denim Wreath. I love all of the ruffles on this wreath from The Scrap Shoppe!

9.) Red Hots Wreath. Who would have thought to use candy for a wreath?! This wreath made of Red Hots from Tatertots & Jello is awesome.

8.) Coffee Filter USA Wreath. Such a sweet (and neutral!) wreath from A Little Crafting.

7.) Paper Medallion Wreath. I’m not sure if Liz and Tom would have the patience to make these scrapbook paper medallions, but if they did, they’d follow this wreath’s plans from Shelterness.

6.) Twizzler Bite Wreath. Another amazing candy wreath, this time from Fit Crafty Stylish & Happy.

5.) Yarn Wreath. I love yarn wreaths (including this one from Nap Time Crafting) — every time I see one I wonder how long it took to string the yarn around the wreath hundreds of times :)

4.) Yarn and Felt Wreath. A slight variation to the usual yarn wreath (add felt!), found on Keepin It Thrifty.

3.) Star Wreath. I had to include this classic look from Better Homes and Gardens. It would be so easy to just add a metal star to a regular wreath using ribbon!

2.) Bean Wreath. I love everything about this DIY wreath from Delia Creates

1.) Felt and Ribbon Wreath. If Liz and Tom don’t have the patience to make scrapbook paper medallions for wreath #7, then they DEFINITELY don’t have the patience to cut all of the felt stars for this wreath from Nap Time Crafting. It’s just so cute though!

Hope you enjoyed this list and are getting as excited for the Fourth of July as I am :)


2 thoughts on “Top Ten – DIY Fourth of July Wreaths

    • Hi Genie! Sorry for the very late reply (I’m sad to say I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, but hope to get back to it in the next few months). And unfortunately I haven’t started selling any of these great DIY ideas yet, although I’ve certainly thought about it :) You might try Etsy for some great handcrafted wreaths!

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