Thrifty Saturday – Bird Cage Music Box

Usually Tom and Liz take me on a walk to some of the nearby yard sales, but today was WAY too hot… It was already 90 degrees by 9am! So Liz and Tom drove around to a couple of sales and brought this sweet copper bird cage music box back for me.

I just love the little sunburst details at the top of the bird cage arches! It could definitely use a little cleaning, but for the most part it’s great…

And best of all, the music part actually works! There’s a little wind-up lever on the back that you crank to play the song and make the little copper bird inside the cage swing along :)

Music boxes are so sweet. If it were up to me, I’d have a whole room full of music boxes. Especially if they all looked like the one below from BHLDN. The vintage wallpaper covering the box is so charming.

Talk to you again sooooon!


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