Top Ten – Dog-Themed Birthday Party Decorations

As promised, below is a list of ten cute-as-can-be ideas for dog-themed birthday party decorations!

10.) Dogs! This one’s pretty obvious, but invite the pups to the party… Or if you don’t have doggy friends, at least include some dog pictures, stuffed animals, or pinatas! I love the pooch silhouette below from Julie Harrell.

{Sources: Julie Harrell, Kara’s Party Ideas, Pizzazzerie}

9.) Fire Hydrants. I got this idea from Max and Lucy — because fire hydrants aren’t just for firefighter parties. Dogs like fire hydrants too! The fire hydrant cups, candles, and dog treat jar below would be perfect ways to add hydrants to your party :)

{Sources, clockwise from top: Cheerios and Lattes — available at Birthday Express, The Dog Treatery, Remmeer}

8.) Dog Birthday Hats. I may be partial to my own birthday hat, but the hats below are also awesome.

{Sources: Kara’s Party Ideas, One Charming Party}

7.) Dog Houses. Can’t you picture kids loving these little party houses?!

{Sources: Juicy Bits, Tie That Binds}

6.) Puppy Paws. Now we’re getting into the REALLY critical components of dog-themed birthday parties…

{Sources: Kara’s Party Ideas, 5M Creations, Tie That Binds}

5.) Dog Bones. Sugar cookies (or dog biscuits) in the shape of dog bones are great, but I LOVE the pretzel dog bones below (bottom left).

{Sources, clockwise from top: A Cake Story, One Charming Party, Juicy Bits}

4.) Dog Kibble. The cocoa puffs look just like puppy food, although the gum drops are fun too :)

{Sources: Kara’s Party Ideas, Tie That Binds}

3.) Puppy Chow and Pupcorn. A couple more food options to add to the dog kibble — and best of all, these sweet printables are available from Pink Peppermint Prints on Etsy!

{Source: Pink Peppermint Prints}

2.) Doggie Bags. Perfect as party favors!

{Sources, clockwise from top left: One Charming Party, Julie Harrell, Tie That Binds, Pizzazzerie, Kara’s Party Ideas}

1.) Pup Cakes. Last but not least, every party needs some pup cakes :) If you’re worried you can’t make pups out of icing, you can always add some cute printable toppers to regular cupcakes.

{Sources: The Little Nook, One Charming Party}

Or if you want a full cake instead, get the step-by step instructions on how to make this adorable poodle cake from Martha Stewart.

Hope you enjoyed this little puppy party round-up!


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Happy Free Slurpee Day!

It’s July 11th… As in 7/11… As in FREE Slurpee day at 7-Eleven stores until 7pm tonight. I thought I’d share the news just in case any of you were out of the loop! And if you don’t have a 7-Eleven nearby, no fear, there are TONS of great homemade slurpee recipes available…

Most of these recipes involve Kool-Aid, ice, and some source of carbonation. The first two recipes below also use added sugar — which I’m hoping you could ditch without losing all the great slurpee taste??

{Source: Design Dazzle}

{Source: Echoes of Laughter}

This third recipe relies on pre-sweetened Kool-Aid, without adding any additional sugar…

{Source: Taste and Tell}

And last, but not least, a homemade slurpee recipe using lemonade, ice, and frozen fruit :)

{Source: Babble}

All four options look delicious! Regardless of whether you get your free slurpee or not, I hope you have a great 7/11 day :)


Fruit for the Fourth of July

It MIGHT be a bit early to start thinking about the Fourth of July menu, but I couldn’t help myself! I came across some pretty sweet patriotic fruit ideas and had to share :)

Starting with the best fruit salad… I LOVE the idea of using star-shaped cookie cutters to make a Fourth of July fruit salad!

Or even simpler fruit cones using strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

Nothing is quite as fun as fruit on sticks though… These star-shaped fruit pops were made using watermelon, apple, and blueberries atop a paper straw — they look delicious!

The watermelon and blueberry fruit wands below look like they’re a bit less work to make but just as fun to eat :)

Of course, according to Liz, all fruit goes better with chocolate! She would love these fruit and brownie kabobs…

Or chocolate-covered strawberries!

For the adults in the group, these vodka-infused whipped cream strawberries with blueberries on the top would be a big hit!

And last but not least, a fruit tart would be perfect if you’re looking for a more advanced fruit dessert…

Or easier to handle mini fruit tarts :)

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Hope you’re having a good night!