Shabby Chic Cabinets – Part 1

One thing that you’ll soon learn about Liz is that she’s somewhat obsessed with shabby chic furniture. She just recently tried her hand at refinishing furniture, with her DIY shabby chic benches. Ever since then, she’s had me scouring the internet for shabby chic furniture ideas. I’m beginning to worry that she’ll paint our whole house shabby chic, but the style is so sweet and romantic, I think I’d be okay with it!

I’ve found some great shabby chic pieces. I’ve mostly just been looking at cabinets to start, but I have no doubt this search will expand… There are so many inspiring cabinets, I’m splitting this across a couple of posts, starting with dining room cabinets :)

First, I just LOVE the corner cabinet from Vita Ranunkler. As if it weren’t beautiful enough with the old doors — on top of that, the mint shade is perfect!

Same with this china cabinet found on Decor de Provence — I adore that the back of the cabinet is painted mint. I actually can’t tell if I’ve included this cabinet here because I like the cabinet itself, the mint pop of color, or the sweet items being stored in the cabinet. Regardless, such a beautiful piece.

And more splashes of mint in this cabinet from Simply Objekts

There are sooo many options for shabby chic cabinets in the dining room. For a bolder look, I like this bluish-green cabinet from Home and Decor.

This light blue cabinet from Dreamy Whites is also amazing. The white panels on the bottom of the cabinet and the chicken wire panels on the top of the cabinet are so charming.

You can’t go wrong with all-white shabby chic cabinets though! Below is a lovely shabby chic buffet from Liz Marie Blog. The before and after is amazing — and I just love the white plates positioned above the buffet!

Last, a beautiful white cabinet from Cozy. Cottage. Cute.

Hope you enjoy these shabby chic cabinets — I’ll be back in a couple of days with non-dining room cabinet ideas. Stay tuned tomorrow for Top Ten Tuesday though :)


2 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Cabinets – Part 1

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  2. Hi, I love the turquoise cabinet that you say is from Home and D√©cor but the link doesn’t work. Could you help me out with that one. I know its an old post but if they have that style I’d love to check it out. Thanks very much.

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