Nursery Rocking Chair IKEA Hack

I mentioned that the first baby-related item that Liz and Tom bought was the adorable mobile shown below (from Blabla). It was on display at a shop and was half off because it hung a bit lop-sided — nothing that a little fishing wire threaded into the knit strings couldn’t fix!

Blabla Baby Mobile

One of their first baby-related projects was an IKEA hack to convert IKEA’s Jennylund chair into a rocking chair though. They found the best tutorial to help them out along the way… You basically just flip the chair over, cut the black fabric off of the bottom, cut and screw in a square piece of plywood to make the bottom level, add a couple of cut 2×4 wood pieces that are parallel to each other to add a bit of height, and then attach a swivel rocking chair base (Liz and Tom found theirs on ebay!). It turned out pretty perfect for a rocking chair that only cost around $325, including all of the materials!

Nursery Rocking Chair IKEA Hack

And of course, Liz and Tom didn’t waste much time adding in the other nursery accessories. The rug was a discounted floor sample from Pottery Barn Kids (which is where they also splurged a bit on the dresser, night stand, and lamp). The awesome little piggy rocker was a gift from Tom’s parents from Land of Nod. The lightweight bauble blanket on the back of the chair was from West Elm and the navy blue knit pouf was a Walmart find :)


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