I Dream of… Mickey?

Kind of like I Dream of Jeannie, but instead I dream of Mickey Mouse?! I think it’s a sign that Liz needs to come home from her work conference in Disney World (I know, I know, how could she go to Disney World and NOT take me with her?)… I woke up in the middle of the night after having visions of Mickey dance through my head. At least they were beautiful bokeh Mickeys, similar to those below :)

Reminded me of how much I love this blurred effect in photography! One day I’ll master the art of making mesmerizing heart bokeh, but until then, I have the great photographs below to keep me entertained… Best part — they’re all available for sale on Etsy!

{Sources: Polyvore, Amelia Kay Photography, Chelsea Victoria, Urban Dreams, Seven Eleven Studios, You Anchor Me, Anna Delores Photography}

Luckily Liz gets back on Tuesday, so only a couple more days of my Mickey dreams :)



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