Friday I’m in Love – with Trina Turk

By now you’ve probably heard that Banana Republic has a limited edition collection in stores and online from designer Trina Turk. Liz was pretty excited to hear this… Ever since she received the free Trina Turk makeup bag below with a minimum Clinique purchase last year, she’s been OBSESSED with Trina Turk.


There’s a similar case in the current Banana Republic Collection…


Although I think Liz has been eyeing these stud earrings more than anything else.


While I enjoy looking through these great accessories, I’ll admit that my true love for Trina Turk is a bit more recent. Specifically, when I realized that she has a line of products for the home! Between candles, bedding, pillows, and rugs, I’m not sure what I like the most. Below are a few of my favorite picks though (all photos are from here, unless otherwise noted).





And last but not least, ice buckets!

This post doesn’t even scratch the surface of why I love Trina Turk (I’ll have to share some of my favorite Trina Turk fabrics soon). But alas, it’s past my bedtime, AND tomorrow’s a big day because it’s Liz’s birthday :)

Hope you have a good night!


P.S. Yesterday’s move couldn’t have gone better! Liz and Tom finally took me with them to see my auntie’s new place today and it looks awesome (minus all the boxes which still need unpacked).

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