Friday I’m in Love – with Sukan Handmade Design

Every once in a while I’ll come across an Etsy shop that I don’t just love, but am OBSESSED with… Such was the case when I found Sukan Handmade Design. I couldn’t resist browsing their entire selection after seeing this cute-as-can-be grey and yellow linen love birds pillow cover.

Sukan has some of the most beautiful pillow covers I’ve ever seen! The designs are just amazing, and the selection is unreal. Yes, I DID go through all 1700+ products (twice!) to show you some of my favorites…

Starting with their rectangular silk ikat pillow covers.

The silk colors are so vibrant! My favorite has to be the multi-colored ikat pillow cover below. I don’t think I’d ever get sick of it! And at around $50 for the silk covers, they’re not as expensive as some of the other designer pillow covers I’ve seen.

Of course Sukan has some higher end pillows as well — and of course, I love them even more! Below is a sampling of their Turkish and bohemian pillow covers made from antique kilim (a kind of rug!)…

My true love is for their hand embroidered pillow covers though…

I just love every single one of their pillows :)

Don’t forget to stop back tomorrow to see what Liz and Tom are able to find at yard sales (assuming they don’t melt from the heat, of course)! Hope you have a great start to the weekend!


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