Friday I’m in Love – with Black Gallery Walls

Ok, maybe love is a bit strong here — I should say that I’m very SLOWLY warming up to black walls in general, but DEFINITELY starting to fall for black gallery walls in particular. I wanted today’s post to be about Friday the 13th, but I can’t stand horror movies, I didn’t want to steal Halloween’s thunder, and there was no way I could write an ENTIRE post about black cats. So black gallery walls it is!

I’m not sure if Liz and Tom would ever take the plunge and paint one of our walls black (we have a navy blue guest bathroom that they’re already planning to lighten up). The photos of black gallery walls that I found below are SO lovely though, it would be hard to say no after seeing these…

{Sources: Desire to Inspire, Abode Love, Live Creating Yourself, Apartment Therapy, Bryn Alexandra, CBID Home Decor and Design, Homedit, Freshome}

Hope you enjoyed these photos — and Happy Friday the 13th!


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