File Cabinet Upcycles

Liz has been talking for a while about wanting to refinish (the eye sore that is) our office’s filing cabinet. It’s a short black two-drawer cabinet — it works great, but is not so pretty to look at. Have you seen how many great ideas there are out there for file cabinet upcycles though?!

Unfortunately, Liz and Tom actually use the thing to store documents, otherwise they would definitely be up for one of these crazy upcycles… Like a sweet planter! I LOVE the industrial look of the planters below. You can hardly even tell they used to be file cabinets!

Or this painted yellow planter (with the original drawer separators removed)…

Of course, Tom would flip over this upcycled file cabinet used for garage storage.

For INSIDE the house, file cabinets could be used in the kitchen to add storage under the sink…

Upcycled into rolling kitchen carts…

Or used as more permanent counter space. The red file cabinet with the wood countertop below looks amazing!

If you have a couple of file cabinets, you could always turn them into a desk using an inexpensive tabletop from melamine!

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So many options… Anyways, hope you’re having a good week :)


3 thoughts on “File Cabinet Upcycles

  1. I love this idea so much. Especially the bright colors!! I want to go thrifting and buy all the cabinets I see!

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