File Cabinet Makeovers

Last week I mentioned that Liz has been considering giving our ugly old file cabinet a nice makeover. I told you about some great ideas for file cabinet upcycles — turning the things into planters, kitchen storage, desks, you name it! Sadly, we actually have to use ours to store documents, and so the options for Liz and Tom are a bit more limited… Which made me start looking into simpler file cabinet refinishes!

I think painting the thing might be the easiest solution. I love the two bold colorful cabinets below!

I’m just not sure the bright colors would go in our house… I suppose we could always paint it a neutral color, but then we’d just be left with an ugly neutral-colored file cabinet instead of an ugly black file cabinet (am I alone in my hatred of file cabinets?! They’re universally ugly, right?). Anyways, this got me thinking about wallpaper as an option!

I LOVE the two options above, although think I like it a bit better when just the drawers are wallpapered…

And I’m not sure if I like plain wallpaper or this textured wallpaper look better :)

My favorite file cabinet makeover is DEFINITELY the stripped metal cabinet below. It sounds like it could be A LOT of work though…

Ugh, why can’t the cabinet just have the vintage charm of the cabinets below already?!

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I’ll keep you posted if Liz and Tom make any decisions — hopefully we’ll have a few before and after pictures up in the next few weeks!


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