DIY Shabby Chic Bench

Liz and Tom received a set of garden benches from my Great Aunt Margaret a few weeks ago.

Our patio’s pretty packed with furniture as it is, so they decided the benches would be best used as extra seating in our family room. The benches were a bit worn down and needed a nice facelift, so they decided to update them with a shabby chic finish. Talk about a charming update!

They followed the tutorial provided by Shanty 2 Chic to paint distressed using petroleum jelly. The first step was sanding the benches down…

After using Tom’s backpack leaf blower to dust the benches off (don’t judge, we get creative over here with cleaning approaches), they painted the edges and any other spots they wanted to appear “worn” with a dark brown color.

They then added petroleum jelly to the worn areas (this made sanding down waaay easier!).

Several coats of antique white paint were needed — in hindsight, primer would have been a good idea!

Liz and Tom sanded the benches using steel wool, then applied a clear top coat. One of the benches ended up in our family room and the other is in the foyer. I just love them!


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