DIY Father’s Day Banner

As I was looking for DIY Father’s Day gifts for yesterday’s post, I came across a TON of cute photo ideas. Check out the sweet photos below — perfect as framed gifts for Dad!





What I DIDN’T find were any Father’s Day photos from pets! I thought a picture of me with a “Happy Father’s Day” banner would be a perfect gift for Tom, so Liz helped me whip this up! All she needed was a used cardboard cylinder (she used an empty roll from a pack of drawer liner), some cute wrapping paper (to wrap around the cardboard), twine…

And the “Happy Father’s Day” printed letters. Liz used the same font from the header of this blog — “MTF Skinny Jeans” available for download from Miss Tiina. I just love Miss Tiina and all of her amazing fonts!

Liz cut out each of the letters…

Used an X-acto knife to cut two little slits at the top of each letter…

And used the twine to string the letters together!

She tied the twine to the wrapped cardboard tube, and the DIY Father’s Day banner was ready to go!

I may be a partial judge, but I think the picture turned out perfect :)

Hope you had a good day!


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