Thrifty Saturday – Antique Dresser

Liz and Tom are dogwatching Henry this weekend, so we didn’t go on our usual Saturday morning walk and garage sale hunt… So I’ll share an antique dresser that they found a couple of months ago instead. Right when Liz saw it, she knew it would be perfect for my Auntie (who just recently bought a townhouse and has been looking for extra bedroom furniture).

Isn’t it awesome?! It definitely needed some love — there were all sorts of scratches throughout, and it was missing a piece of decorative trim between the bottom two drawers. But it’s a sturdy piece with beautiful lines! And the best part?! It was only $5!!! The people selling it were just trying to get rid of it as soon as possible, so Liz and Tom didn’t hesitate to snatch it up.

Auntie’s already refinished it (stop back by tomorrow and I’ll show you what she did to it!). If she didn’t need the extra bedroom furniture though, I DEFINITELY would have campaigned to have it as a bathroom accent piece. Check out the lovely bathroom dressers below!

Or even better — antique dressers turned into bathroom vanities! I know some of these are actually buffets-turned-vanities, but I just had to include them :)

{Sources: MMOH, BHG, Young House Love, Our Happy Little Nest, Honeycomb Creative Co, This Old House, Heather Bullard, For the Love of a House, BHG}

Hope you’re having a good weekend! Don’t forget to stop back tomorrow to see my Auntie’s refinished antique dresser :)



Thrifty Saturday – Bird Cage Music Box

Usually Tom and Liz take me on a walk to some of the nearby yard sales, but today was WAY too hot… It was already 90 degrees by 9am! So Liz and Tom drove around to a couple of sales and brought this sweet copper bird cage music box back for me.

I just love the little sunburst details at the top of the bird cage arches! It could definitely use a little cleaning, but for the most part it’s great…

And best of all, the music part actually works! There’s a little wind-up lever on the back that you crank to play the song and make the little copper bird inside the cage swing along :)

Music boxes are so sweet. If it were up to me, I’d have a whole room full of music boxes. Especially if they all looked like the one below from BHLDN. The vintage wallpaper covering the box is so charming.

Talk to you again sooooon!


Thrifty Saturday – Nesting Tables

On account of sleeping in today, Tom and I didn’t quite make it to any yard sales… So I thought I’d share a yard sale find from a few weeks ago, which is still sitting in Liz and Tom’s pile of things to do :)

It’s a wonderful set of wooden nesting tables!

Both of the tables need sanded and refinished, but at $10 for the set, the price couldn’t have been better!

I love how the smaller table fits PERFECTLY inside the larger table…

Sadly, our yard sale nesting tables aren’t metal or mirrored like the beautiful tables below (found via SF Girl by Bay and The Decorista)…

However, that doesn’t mean Liz and Tom can’t do something fun with them! They could have a mirror cut for the top of the largest table (like the refinished tables from Eddie Ross below).

Or I love how Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar painted her wooden nesting tables in different colors with sweet doily decorations on the tops.

Perhaps a little table “leg-dipping” is in order though?!This originally all-natural wood Ikea table turned out great with a little help from The Sweet Beast.

Not sure what Tom would think of the pink color though :)