Thrifty Saturday – Mini Bugle

At least I think it’s a mini bugle? Whatever it is, Liz and Tom found it at a yard sale for 25 cents and liked it! I think it reminded them of the blue french horn decoration from the show How I Met Your Mother :)

It definitely won’t ever end up over our fireplace mantle and probably won’t ever get painted blue (although Liz can’t promise this) — it’s such a fun little decoration for one of our bookshelves though!

Hope you’re having a good weekend and are enjoying the Olympics as much as I am!


Thrifty Saturday – Silver Butter Dish

Liz and Tom must be on some sort of silver kick… Last Saturday I told you about a silver catch-all dish that they got for 75 cents. Well today they found a silver butter dish for $2 :)

Again, a little bit of silver polish did the trick. I love how the dish looks — so shiny (see Liz and our dining room ceiling in the reflection? Hah!).

I’m not entirely sure what they’re going to do with all this silver though… I LOVE how Antique Chase turned an antique silver butter dish into a succulent planter, although I don’t think ours is quite big enough.

What I REALLY want is a silver orb to use as a vase.

Hope you’re having a great weekend :)


Thrift Saturday – Silver Dish

Liz and Tom found a pretty sweet silver dish at a yard sale this morning. The thing was TARNISHED…

But luckily a little silver polish did the trick!

It’s so cute — I love the decorative edges! And it only cost 75 cents :) Little silver dishes are just the best as catch-alls for jewelry (or some vintage keys like the photo below from The Lettered Cottage)!

Even unpolished silver looks beautiful — I love the dish below from The Adventures of Elizabeth. Reminds me of Christmas with the pine sprig!

Alright, time for some birthday festivities :) Hope you’re having a good weekend!


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