Friday I’m in Love – with Lace Stenciled Floors

Before I start, this is my second-to-last reminder to enter our Amazon gift card giveaway! The giveaway ends tomorrow, and there aren’t a huge number of entries, so your chances are good :)

Now that that’s out of the way (and you’re all entered, of course)… I started this post thinking it would be about painted floors in general. And then I saw a few pictures on Design Sponge. Holy, lace stenciled floors! How have I not seen these photos before?! The floor might be the most beautiful floor I’ve ever seen. And in my opinion, this design would look PERFECT in our little sunroom off of the kitchen. The wood floors in the room are already painted an off-white color, so why not add some lace?! If it were up to me, I’d stencil the whole house in lace :)

And anything that couldn’t be stenciled would get actual lace Mod Podged onto it (like Liz’s lace vase)! But I digress…

Anyways, you can read more about the floor stenciling at Design Amour or My Marrakesh. Or go ahead and buy yourself Skylar’s Lace Floral Stencil from Royal Design Studio (also available from Royal Design’s Etsy shop). While you’re there, you may notice that the stencil even looks great in blue. Gah, so cute…

And $149 well spent! You really could use the stencil for anything, not just floors. I love the tutorial from Urban Comfort, using the stencil to create the awesome placemats below with Inkodye.

For another lace stencil option, check out the sweet floor below — created using Blue Door 17’s lace stencil.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Gray Linen Sofas

I came across the image below on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with everything about it. The subtle wall color, the picture frames, the pillows, the small table. Everything. But most importantly, the gray linen sofa.

The sofa is so perfect, and reminded me of the sofa in the picture below. I love how both sofas are made of a bold linen (is there such a thing as a bold linen? I think so!), with good contrast between the light and dark areas of the linen.

Of course lighter gray linen sofas are also beautiful… The L-shaped couch below would be perfect in a large space.

Although the smaller sofa below is so sweet :)

My absolute favorite light gray linen sofa (at least from a profile view) is the one below — the caster feet are SO charming!

I like these lighter shades of gray best, but linen sofas in darker shades of gray could work too. I love the mix of different shades of gray in the photo below (and don’t get me started on the pops of yellow — so cute!).

I think I’d fit perfectly on the couch below :)

If you’re looking to buy a gray linen sofa, I’d suggest starting your search at CB2 or West Elm. CB2’s Avec Sofa Tweed has an awesome modern look for around $1300.

And you definitely can’t go wrong with West Elm’s Chester Tufted Upholstered Sofa at around $1200 (with matching chair!).

{Sources: WNC via Ariela’s Studio, Centsational Girl, Decor Pad, Houzz, Decor Pad, Decor Pad, French Chic and Shabby, CB2, West Elm}

We currently have a red couch in our living room… Once Liz sees these gray linen couch ideas though, I’m pretty sure she’ll try to think of a way to convince Tom that reupholstering our couch would be a fun and manageable DIY project :)


Friday I’m in Love – with Black Gallery Walls

Ok, maybe love is a bit strong here — I should say that I’m very SLOWLY warming up to black walls in general, but DEFINITELY starting to fall for black gallery walls in particular. I wanted today’s post to be about Friday the 13th, but I can’t stand horror movies, I didn’t want to steal Halloween’s thunder, and there was no way I could write an ENTIRE post about black cats. So black gallery walls it is!

I’m not sure if Liz and Tom would ever take the plunge and paint one of our walls black (we have a navy blue guest bathroom that they’re already planning to lighten up). The photos of black gallery walls that I found below are SO lovely though, it would be hard to say no after seeing these…

{Sources: Desire to Inspire, Abode Love, Live Creating Yourself, Apartment Therapy, Bryn Alexandra, CBID Home Decor and Design, Homedit, Freshome}

Hope you enjoyed these photos — and Happy Friday the 13th!


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