Birthday Barbecue

I mentioned in an earlier post that Liz’s birthday was this past Saturday… We ended up having a great weekend, with a little family birthday barbecue on Saturday evening! The barbecue was a little bit last minute, but if we had planned it earlier, I would have definitely suggested these invitations from Two Bird Studios. So sweet!

Liz and Tom kept things simple, but there are tons of cute ideas for barbecue decorations. I don’t think I could make even the easiest decision about utensil holders… I LOVE these DIY chalkboard glass jar utensil holders from Happy Clippings.

Although these painted and distressed mason jar vases from Beach Blues would help to add some color.

For an even more distressed look, these two-toned utensil holders from Paula Art are perfect!

Colorful flowerpot utensil caddies like the ones below from Real Simple are charming as well — so many options.

For a simpler look, you could use plain white vases, like the ones below from Country Living

Or vases with classic designs, like the utensil holder in Hampton Links from Jill Rosenwald.

Once I get the barbecue utensil holder figured out, maybe I can move on to other table decoration decisions (or the MENU!) for our next barbecue… You know my birthday’s coming up in July :) One thing that will definitely be requested for that birthday barbecue are these insane corn CUPCAKES!


Anyways, hope you had a good weekend too :)


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