Hi! My name is Charlie and I’m a schnoodle (that’s part schnauzer, part poodle, for those of you not down with the designer dog lingo). My parents (Liz and Tom) are recently married, young professionals, who just moved into a beautiful old house in North Carolina. They couldn’t have found a better match for the three of us (talk about A LOT of squirrels in the backyard). Anyways, Liz and Tom love doing projects around the house and have enlisted me to tell you all about them. Hope you enjoy!

Outside of this blog, my favorite past time is taking long walks around the hood with Liz and Tom. I also love hanging out with my cousin Henry. He’s a lab/retriever mix, although he HAS been mistaken for a small pony before. He’s my bestie in the whole world, and coincidentally is also interested in design. Last time we were together we went through the new Pottery Barn catalog (we literally ate the thing, but how else are we supposed to see all the pretty pictures?!).

If you have any other questions, just ask!